EPA Fines and Enforcement

There are stronger EPA fines and enforcement powers in the new Victorian environment protection legislation. EPA is conducting more proactive inspections and also rely on public reporting of pollution. The best defence against enforcement action is to proactively seek to manage environmental risks, with the help of GEDedge, even if it’ll take time to develop a practicable response.

Recent EPA fines and enforcement activities are listed below:

December 2021 – The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court ordered a business pay $100,000 to two wetlands projects after it was responsible for a spill of black oily substance into a wetland. 

November 2021 – A paper recycler has been fined for failing to take action to minimise the emission of offensive odours into residential areas.

October 2021 – A licensed fuel refinery has been fined for a plant equipment failure that led to a pollution discharge into Corio Bay.

October 2021 – A metal recycler was fined for poor storage of combustible waste.

September 2021 – A concrete company was fined for allowing concrete slurry to escape the premises. EPA has issued the company with a regulatory notice, requiring it to repair the concrete hardstand at the premises so that no waste or liquids can escape.

August 2021 – A particle board manufacturer has been fined for stockpiles of combustible material that fails to meet fire suppression requirements. The stockpiles of wood chips were “too big and too close together”.

August 2021 – A dairy farm fined for a failure to contain dairy effluent.

August 2021 – A container recycling business was fined for failing to store used drums (that contained residual oil and kerosene in “a bunded area that will trap any leaked liquids before they can flow off the property”



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