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GED Edge offers a comprehensive range of services to help your business deal with the demands and responsibilities of EPA compliance.

Site visits

GED Edge can attend your business. Services include:

  • A detailed presentation on how the new Victorian environment protection laws may affect your business
  • Providing information on your sector’s risks and practicable controls
  • Assessing risks at your site.


Phone or video conference consultation

We offer the flexibility of a phone call or video consultation to make it easy for you.

Written advice

Any inspection or compliance activity by EPA will include a request to provide documentation. GED Edge can help your business build the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance or progress towards compliance with the GED. 


Engaging with the government regulators can be daunting. Let GED Edge do it on behalf of your business. GED Edge has over a decade of experience negotiating with government.


GED Edge can advocate and drive policy change on behalf of your business or sector.

Industry specific help

GED Edge can help you stay up-to-date with industry guidance, EPA compliance and enforcement activity and other GED news for your business sector.


EPA will expect a more sophisticated approach to GED compliance from larger and more complex businesses. This may require formal legal advice, monitoring, independent ISO risk assessment and implementing quality systems. 

GED can identify your businesses needs and scope these services to save you money.

The Right Choice

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